Operation Deploy Your Dress

ODYD Fort Carson
Operation Deploy Your Dress has teamed up with the Fort Carson Community Spouses Club to collect formal attire and accessories and "deploy" them to the military members and family members of the Fort Carson Community FREE of charge in order to offset the cost of military balls and other formal events.



ODYD began at Fort Bliss in late 2015, when founders Renee Chapman, Ronya Rendon, Yvonne Coombes, and Melissa Riely decided to organize a dress swap among their units’ spouses.


It wasn’t long before the idea became an organization, run entirely by dozens of volunteers. 


ODYD is now a well-organized store. Military servicewomen and military spouses can come to ODYD and select one dress and one accessory per year for FREE. They simply need to present their military ID card and sign the record book, and they can walk away without spending a dime.

Fort Carson- Operation Deploy Your Dress

Open Wednesdays from 12pm-2pm

& the following Saturdays

10/17, 11/14, 12/5 10am-12pm

5769 BLDG 

1045 Wallace St, Fort Carson CO 80902

Contact us at odyc@mpsc.us